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Please note that this documentation describes the development version of Tab2MAGE, as used and tested by the ArrayExpress curation staff. Users of the older stable release should refer to the documentation included in their downloaded package.

Tab2MAGE information
The following pages contain important information on how to use Tab2MAGE to generate MAGE-ML, and data submission to ArrayExpress using this format:

MAGE-TAB information
These pages contain a brief primer on the MAGE-TAB format, and how to submit MAGE-TAB documents to ArrayExpress:

For more information on the MAGE-TAB format, please refer to the MAGE-TAB specification.

A brief summary of the differences between MAGE-TAB and Tab2MAGE is given here.

Technical details
Also included here are some notes which have been automatically generated from the Perl code documentation for your convenience. They will usually give reasonably up to date (although not always terribly user-friendly) information on how the scripts work. For the absolute latest up-to-the-minute information, please refer to the "perldoc" documentation embedded in each script or module.

Developer documentation
Below is a set of API documentation for the various modules which are incuded in the Tab2MAGE package. These are likely to be of interest only to developers:

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