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For further help with data submissions to ArrayExpress, please contact the

Submission routes

Tab2MAGE can be used to submit microarray data to ArrayExpress in one of two ways. For advanced users with a need to submit large volumes of data, Tab2MAGE can be used to set up a MAGE-ML pipeline to ArrayExpress. For more casual use, it is recommended that submitters upload a completed Tab2MAGE spreadsheet alongside their data files, and the ArrayExpress curators will process it for you.

Submitters wishing to set up a MAGE-ML pipeline to ArrayExpress should contact the to discuss their requirements, and read this web page: Instructions for submitters of MAGE-ML.

For data submissions using the spreadsheet, please read the rest of this page.

Spreadsheet details

There are a few things to bear in mind when using the spreadsheet submission route to ArrayExpress:

Upload instructions

Once you have finished preparing your spreadsheet, please upload it with your data files to the ArrayExpress Tab2MAGE submissions website.

To submit data using this website:

  1. Create an account for yourself and log in.
  2. Click 'Create experiment' to start your submission.
  3. Enter your experiment name. If you want to generate a template spreadsheet then select one or more terms from each of the lists provided to describe your experiment (optional). Click 'Save experiment'.
  4. Click 'Generate template' if you want to use the template (optional).
  5. Click 'Upload files' then upload your completed spreadsheet and one or more zipped archives containing all your data files.
  6. Click 'Submit experiment' to send this submission to us for curation. We will contact you with any questions and will email you an accession number when your spreadsheet has been processed and loaded into ArrayExpress.

If you have any questions please email the curation team at If you are emailing about a specific submission tell us your username and experiment name in the email. Logo
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